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I'm alive, I'm smiling. that's all that counts.
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la la la. everything is just wonderful :)

... In my dreams at least


shout out to people who are scared to call others out, whose hands shake when they try to explain what’s wrong, whose throats threaten to close up with thoughts of ‘what if i’m just overreacting’, whose hearts are pounding out of their chests because they just stuck their necks out for their beliefs, who have lost friends and respect and safety for aligning themselves with causes

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One day it just gets better. There’s no explanation or reason why . You just wake up and you’re not angry anymore.

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Everyone changes, so I want to fall in love with every version of you.


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1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Pastels

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Promise me.


Promise me.

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And I think the first sign you notice when you begin to gain feelings towards a person, is just how easily you get jealous when they give others the attention which you crave.

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